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Hi, I知 Virendra Singh Naila. I hail from a beautiful historical town Naila near Jaipur, Rajasthan. I知 a Commerce graduate from the University of Rajasthan, Jaipur. From my early days I showed some seriously non-academic inclinations that often pulled me out of the classrooms to the playgrounds or to the streets of my city or at best to the forts in the surroundings with friends or alone, it didn稚 appear to matter then. Eventually I discovered that it wasn稚 a personality disorder, as some people had tried to convince me, on the contrary it was the most sought for quality in a tour director. It wasn稚 a difficult decision then and since the year 2000 I have directed tours all over India but primarily North India.
Perhaps I was born with an iterant soul. The idea of undertaking a journey has always brought great excitement and joy to me. I feel alive travelling and exploring the world around me. My fascination for travelling is propelled by multiple appeals. For me the best way to learn about life is to travel and to interact with people, to share experiences and through this to find the secret pathways to the beautiful mysteries that every place, culture and society cradles in its heart.
My favourite destination in North India is Udaipur not just because it is known as 膳enice of the East but primarily because this place has such warmth and character that it seeps into you, it touches some deep chords in your heart and makes you its own. The experience lingers in your imagination and I am not surprised that the nostalgia it brings is too sweet to let go off.
In my travels I have come to acknowledge the fact that history is never dead. It lives but reveals itself only to the discerning eyes. Every time I visit a monument like Taj Mahal my conviction gets stronger because I know Taj Mahal is not just about Shah Jahan or Mumtaj Mahal. It is Love translated into marble. The revered gift of every lover to his beloved where the title deeds are neither asked for nor expected. When I walk down the grand aisles of the Amber Fort in Jaipur I do not just hear the heroic tales of its kings and soldiers or see just the beauty of its architecture but I observe the blending of aesthetics with necessity. The intricate rain water conservation system of the fort is merely one example of the fact that these monuments are not just about honour, valour or grandeur but they are as much about valuing life and conserving it.
Being born in country of food lovers of extreme sorts I happen to have hyperactive taste buds. One of the biggest advantages of being a tour director in India is that one gets ample opportunities to satisfy these taste buds with an amazingly unpredictable range of flavours and aromas. Delhi with restaurants like Punjab Grill, Chicken Inn in Pandara Market and Veda at Connaught Place that offer the best cuisine from all over India is the food capital India in every conceivable sense. Beside these well known places, in my travels I love to explore some off-beat local eateries that offer some fabulous authentic local dishes. When at home I love to cook 銑aal Maans or Red Meat and believe me if anybody wants to feel the riot of colours and fragrances and the heat of Rajasthan on his or her tongue, they should try 銑aal Maans cooked preferably by me!!

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