Terms and Conditions

General information 

The access and use of the website www.yourtouristguides.com -hereinafter website- is offered by the Spanish company  Your Tourist Guides, SCP -hereinafter YOUR TOURIST GUIDES- located in Matar, Unio Street, No. 59, 4th 5th bis, CP: 08302; C.I.F J66313743.

For any questions or concerns related to the access and use of the Website or these Terms and Conditions you may send us an email with your request and contact details to the following address: info@yourtouristguides.com.

Nonetheless, YOUR TOURIST GUIDES may transmit notifications through the homepage of the website, to inform the user about the changes on the WEBSITE. Such notices will be considered valid and therefore notifications to the user.

Acceptance of the General Conditions of Access and Use

-Access and browsing in the Website automatically constitutes acceptance of the present GCAU, so that people accessing and navigating in the Website are obliged to comply and respect  it under their sole responsibility. 

-In order to obtain the best effectiveness of the WEBSITE, YOUR TOURIST GUIDES may deny or restrict access to users who do not respect these Terms and Conditions without previous notice.

- These Terms and Conditions may be modified by YOUR TOURIST GUIDES at any time without notice, whenever desirable, appropriate or necessary to optimize and / or adapt the regulation of access and use of the Website. Once introduced that amendment, if the user continues to access and use the various tools of the Website it will be understood that these changes are accepted, otherwise he or she will refrain from their use.

- Subject to these Terms and Conditions, YOUR TOURIST GUIDES may establish certain specific conditions that must be complied with for access and use of some of the services offered by the WEBSITE. In addition to these Terms and Conditions, to access and use the Website, the Data Protection Privacy Policy indicated in these general conditions must be respected.

- For the purposes of these Terms and Conditions shall be construed as user anyone accessing and navigating the Website, regardless if you register by completing the registration forms and/or use any of the services it provides, be it free or subject to payment of a specified amount.

Short description of the website and purpose specification 

- THE WEBSITE is configured as a meeting point for the use of self-employed vendors of various types of professional services and business and professional applicants thereof.

- THE WEBSITE does not carry out any mediation activity with any User of the Website, nor is it part of any contract of service that users can subscribe between them. In no case YOUR TOURIST GUIDES guarantees the quality of the service provided by the self-employed, nor the presence on the Website implies any recommendation about its performance nor on the satisfaction of its result.

- To facilitate the hiring of the services offered, the WEBSITE provides users with the set of IT tools that allow, among others, to access a variety of services, projects and offers in different areas with  multiple search parameters, contact the selected professional or company to negotiate the terms of the offer or implement secure payment methods.

- Finally, users have access to a wide range of products and services that YOUR TOURIST GUIDES decide to offer each time.

- Notwithstanding the foregoing, YOUR TOURIST GUIDES will be entitled to change at any time and without notice the design, image, layout, configuration and operation, as well as the content of the Website and the features included in it, deleting, modifying, adding new or subjecting them to specific conditions, without involving the alteration of agreements or the commercial relationship between YOUR TOURIST GUIDES and the User.

- To access the service there must be  necessarily a computer, with the programs and settings required for the proper functioning of the Website and Internet connection. Expenses relating to the connection will be the sole responsibility of the user.

Register: Getting user code and password

- To proceed to use certain features of the Website, it is necessary to be of age and have previously registered following the instructions included therein, accessible through the "Register" option. Access and registration for the provision of services is reserved exclusively for freelancers and companies, who must complete a specially designed form for this purpose.

- The User guarantees on his own responsibility the accuracy of the information provided, it shall be kept updated at all times, exempting YOUR TOURIST GUIDES from the consequences and damage that the inaccuracy of it may cause to third parties. 

- Once completed all the mandatory fields, the user concludes a contract with YOUR TOURIST GUIDES through an online registration process, once having used the activation link that is included in the verification email sent by YOUR TOURIST GUIDES, allowing  the user to access and use the Website under the conditions that have been contracted .

-  The user identification code and password are entirely personal and non-transferable, assigned solely and expressly for the user, taking responsibility the same before YOUR TOURIST GUIDES and third parties for the proper use and no transfer or disclosure to third parties physical and/or legal other than the User or people expressly authorized by the user to contract on their behalf.

- In the event of any loss or theft of passwords, unauthorized use of the Website or codes, and any safety violation thereof from which the user becomes aware, he is obliged to notify such incident to YOUR TOURIST GUIDES immediately. In this case, the User is entitled to receive another identification code and a password to access the Website.

- The WEBSITE does not assume the obligation or the technical means to check the identity of registrants in it. Therefore, the WEBSITE is not responsible if a user’s identity is usurped. 

- YOUR TOURIST GUIDES reserves the right to reject any application for registration whose content does not conform to the purposes of the Website.

Code of conduct and terms of access and use of the Website.

Users that can use the platform.

All Users of the Website must be legally capable people who have reached 18 years of age. Only individuals who are self-employed or companies legally constituted with legal capacity to enter into transactions, can conclude contracts with YOUR TOURIST GUIDES.

The correct behaviour of users is essential for the proper functioning of the service. Below is the code of conduct that they must have to access and use the Website, specifically indicating that compliance with what is described below is essential for the proper use of the Website,

Code of Conduct for Users.

A) Users declare under sole responsibility that they will act in compliance with the applicable regulations, in a responsible, respectful, diligent way and in good faith.

B) In particular, the User guarantees that the services offered and agreed with other users are not illegal, immoral or prohibited, infringe or violate the rights of others, and have all permits and other requirements of the legal system to develop the contracted activity.

C) Similarly, the User undertakes under its own responsibility, to provide complete, accurate and truthful information about their activities and services offered through the Website and, where appropriate, about their experiences in relation to the transactions with other Users.

D) The User is hereby forbidden from the following conducts described below:

Create a false identity, acting on behalf of others without sufficient power or legitimacy and / or impersonate others.

Enter false information and / or fake offers services, all offers should be completely accurate and true.

Violating third party rights, especially patent rights or intellectual property.

Disregard the truth, falsifying documents, signatures, violate laws, regulations or applicable regulations. 

Insert deals on things or objects that are outside the trade.

Register and use the Website without sufficient capacity to do so.

Manipulate or alter WEBSITE tools to trade with third parties or other Users other than specified in the Terms and Conditions form.

Breaking the rules and processes defaults for access and use the Website, use methods that may harm the Website or third party systems.

Use THE WEBSITE for purposes other than its own.

Contact other Users of the Website and dispose of the data provided by them with different purposes than those set forth in the Terms and Conditions and the individuals that can regulate the access to services offered through the Website.

Send chain letters and / or unsolicited advertising, unless you have the express consent of the recipient.

F) The user agrees not to transmit through the Website information or marketing material, products or services of any kind or nature that is unlawful, libelous, defamatory, harmful, vulgar, obscene or in any other way objectionable.

G) In the event that the user has access to confidential information, agrees to use it only for the purposes for which they were revealed to him, respecting such confidentiality.

H) YOUR TOURIST GUIDES, in its sole discretion, may terminate the access to the Website, immediately, without prior notice, if the user’s behaviour is not consistent with these Terms and Conditions.

Exchange of contact information.

Users agree not to post their email address on the site, except for the “email” box in the "Registration Form".

Not only users can not exchange any email address, but it is also prohibited the exchange of any other way of communication outside the platform of Nubelo including phone numbers, Skype, ICP, AIM, MSN Messenger, GTalk, Yahoo, Facebook or personal, business and agencies websites.

Users agree to use the system messages of www.yourtouristguides.com platform to communicate with other users.

www.yourtouristguides.com provides all users with a platform that includes necessary and sufficient messaging for the negotiation of any project.

The Professional agrees to immediately inform YOUR TOURIST GUIDES if a customer asks for contact information or fee payments outside the platform of YOUR TOURIST GUIDES. 

Customer agrees to immediately inform YOUR TOURIST GUIDES if a professional asks for contact information or fee payments outside the platform  of YOUR TOURIST GUIDES.

Industrial and intellectual property

- The User expressly acknowledges, for all purposes, that information, signs, images, designs, logos, animations, video, text and other elements and content, including its services and applications, of the Website are subject to rights of intellectual property of YOUR TOURIST GUIDES and / or third party owners who have duly authorized their inclusion in the Website, which does grant any rights over them, except those expressly recognized.

- Users who access the website may view the information contained therein and download or reproduce it in their computer system, provided that the copied elements are not given to third parties or installed on a server connected to Internet or a local network .

- Consistent with the provisions of the preceding paragraph, the User is not entitled to, without limitation, distribute, modify, transform, transfer, make available to the public or perform any other activity not expressly authorized on elements and contents listed above, including computer code of any of the elements of the Website.

- The User will be directly responsible for all consequences and damages arising for YOUR TOURIST GUIDES and / or third parties in violation of any obligation contained in the present clause. 

- The User sending any tipe of content to the WEBSITE, ensures that holds the rights necessary to do so, being exempt YOUR TOURIST GUIDES from any liability for the content and legality of the information provided.

- The provision of content by the User via the Website, by using the Service Blog, will constitute the donation free of charge  to YOUR TOURIST GUIDES of the exploitation rights of intellectual property arising from such content with the maximum extent permitted by applicable law.

- The User acknowledges YOUR TOURIST GUIDES the right to modify the contents posted so that are appropriate and consistent with the technical and aesthetic features of the Website.


- Subject to the limitations set forth in the legislation, YOUR TOURIST GUIDES is not liable for damages of any kind that may result from the lack of accuracy, completeness, timeliness, and errors or omissions that may suffer the information contained in the Website or other content which may be accessed through it.

- YOUR TOURIST GUIDES is not liable for damages caused by misuse of the service by the Users. Users must refrain from acts that contravene any applicable law.

- YOUR TOURIST GUIDES will not be obliged to repair any damages, direct or indirect, that are caused by incomplete or incorrect and untrue, provided by users of the Website, nor responsible for the behaviour of the users, their possible defaults and / or possible insolvency situations in which they may encounter.

- YOUR TOURIST GUIDES shall not have any obligation to repair any damages, direct or indirect, arising from services provided by external suppliers with which NUBELO reached commercial agreements, acting only as a mere intermediary and unrelated to the activity of the Website between Registered Users. 

- YOUR TOURIST GUIDES does not guarantee the availability, continuity and the infallibility of the operation of the Website and, therefore, exclude, to the maximum extent permitted by law, any liability for damages of any kind that may be due to lack of availability or continuity of the WEBSITE and services enabled therein, as well as errors in access to different web pages or those from which, if any, such services are rendered.

- YOUR TOURIST GUIDES disclaims all liability for computer or other equipment damage that might cause the visitor user when accessing to the contents of the WEBSITE. Therefore, YOUR TOURIST GUIDES does not guarantee the absence of viruses or other harmful elements that could damage or alter the computer system, electronic documents or files of the User or third parties.

- In no event YOUR TOURIST GUIDES will be liable for damages that the users may suffer if they breach these Terms and Conditions.

- The User shall be solely responsible in relation to the business carried out, and based on that offer the products and services marketed through the Website, both in terms of management and in relation to compliance with the regulations on everything that is applicable in attention to the type of activity performed, such as obtaining permits, licenses, authorizations, etc. For these purposes, shall be understood as management all activities related to the provision of the service, and any other activity related to the transaction model carried out through the Website.

- The User shall be solely responsible for any damages that may be caused to YOUR TOURIST GUIDES, any User and / or third party, having being caused in bad faith, illegality, misrepresentation, inaccuracy, lack of diligence, failure of any information, content and / or object of any transaction, commitments or agreements assumed with other User or User as a result of the use of the Website or arising from it. 

- If  YOUR TOURIST GUIDES were declared responsible for any damage caused by the aforementioned extremes in a judicial or extrajudicial proceedings by a court, tribunal or competent Public Entity, they may claim the User all amounts that had to pay and bear, including consequential damages and lost profits, any costs or charges which would have had to face, including taxes, lawyers, solicitors, surveyors, arbitrations, journeys, and any other.

- YOUR TOURIST GUIDES reserves the right to communicate confidential information that Users have communicated to him when it comes imposed by law, rule, regulation, ordinance and / or any other legal, judicial or governmental request command.

Links between Web pages

- YOUR TOURIST GUIDES assumes no duty to monitor or verify the information or contents of any other sites or web pages that can be accessed through existing hyperlinks in the WEBSITE. Assumes exclusively the duty of suppressing the Website, as soon as possible, all information, content or services that do not correspond with reality, violate any applicable law or likely to mislead or cause harm to the User.  

Protection and operation of the WEBSITE

- YOUR TOURIST GUIDES, will keep operating the Website throughout the year, 24 hours a day, provided that the state of technology allows it.

- Also, YOUR TOURIST GUIDES reserves the right to modify or discontinue, in whole or in part, access to temporarily system, when required by the maintenance, upgrade or repair the system or the Internet server without having notified it to the User.

- If the User detects any anomaly, third party interference, system errors or malfunction of the Website, he or she shall notify YOUR TOURIST GUIDES so they can proceed to solve it.

Terminating the service 

To unsubscribe from the platform, please send an email to the address info@yourtouristguides.com, indicating the reasons why you want to stop using the service.

Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

Access to and use of the Website and the interpretation, performance and enforcement of these Terms and Conditions shall be subject to the provisions of the Spanish laws.

Price & Conditions

Prices to hire a guide are decided by the tour guide and not by your Tourist Guides. Each guide can choose the currency to charge its services, either EUR or USD. The remainder of the booking will be paid directly to the tour guide on the day of the visit. It could be made in the local currency, provided that it’s mutually agreed by both parties.

Booking deposit

The reservation deposit is 20% of the total amount of the reservation and paid to Your Tourist Guides when booking through our platform.

The deposit is refundable only if the guide does not show up on the day agreed. In any other case, the reservation deposit will not be refunded to the customer.

The customer is responsible for paying the remaining cost of the booking directly to the guide on the day of the visit.

Questions and comments

If you have any questions or comments about these Terms and conditions, please contact us.